6 Questions For Finding The Right Roofer

6 Questions For Finding The Right Roofer

Key Takeaways:

  1. Request proof of license, insurance, and bond.
  2. Choose a contractor with at least five years of experience.
  3. Request references from past customers.
  4. Get a detailed, written estimate and avoid contractors who try to charge extra.

Your roof is the most crucial component of your home, acting as its first line of defense against the elements. It keeps you safe and comfortable from rain to snow and everything in between! Unfortunately, if neglected or put under extreme circumstances, roofs can experience various issues ranging from minor repairs to total replacement.

If that happens, you need a professional to assist you with roof repairs or replacement. As of 2023, there are 37,470 roofing businesses in the U.S. So, finding the perfect roofing contractor can be challenging. After all, how can you be sure you’re getting someone who will do good quality work and treat your property respectfully?

That’s why Level Up Innovations LLC put together this list of six questions for homeowners to consider while looking for a reputable roofer for their project.

6 Questions to Optimize Your Search for the Perfect Professional Roofer

Question #1: What is Your Company’s Full Name and Physical Address?

Although several roofing businesses exist in the U.S., not all are credible. The first step to finding a qualified roofer is to get the full name and physical address of the company you’re considering. It will help you perform a background check to ensure they are appropriately licensed, insured, and have no unresolved issues with past customers.

Expected Answer

The contractor needs to provide their full name and address without any delay. It demonstrates that their business is reliable, as customers can confirm their credentials by visiting them in person. Additionally, having a physical address allows one to reach out if an issue requires resolving quickly.

Red Flags

Suppose they cannot provide a full name and physical address. In that case, it indicates that their business is not legitimate and should not be trusted. It could mean they lack necessary permits for roofing work, which can lead to hefty fines later on down the road. Therefore, always ensure the company you hire is appropriately licensed and insured before proceeding with any projects.

Question #2: Do You Have a Contractor’s License, Insurance, and Bond?

After knowing the company’s physical address and verifying their legitimate business, the next step is to ensure they are correctly licensed. Every state has specific requirements for roofing contractors, so it’s essential to research and ensure the company you’re hiring meets all the criteria.

Expected Answer

Any roofing company should have no problem providing a copy of their contractor’s license, insurance, and bond upon request.

Red Flag

If a roofing company is unwilling to provide proof of these documents, you should walk away and find another contractor. This lack of transparency could indicate that the company is trying to scam you or avoid paying for any damages done during the project.

Question 3: How Long Have You Been In Business?

Knowing how long a roofing contractor has been in business is essential. While more experience is a significant advantage, there are plenty of new companies with talented and experienced contractors who can do just as good a job.

Expected Answer

A reliable roofing contractor should have at least five years of experience in the industry to ensure that they understand the ins and outs of your roofing project.

Red Flag

A roofing contractor unwilling to answer questions about years in business or less than five years of experience should be avoided.

Question #4: Can You Provide References from Past Customers?

Having a list of satisfied customers to turn to for references is one of the best ways to gauge how reliable a roofer’s services are. It’s always important to get feedback from those who have already worked with them and determine if they’d recommend their services.

Expected Answer

A professional roofer should be able to provide references from past customers and have no problem providing contact information so you can talk directly with previous clients.

Red Flag

Suppose a roofing contractor refuses to provide any or only provides negative references. In that case, they likely don’t take pride in their work and don’t value customer satisfaction. Look elsewhere for more reputable service providers.

Question #5: How Do You Handle Unexpected Issues During the Project?

Another thing to consider when choosing a roofer is how they handle unexpected issues that might arise during the project. It could include anything from structural damage to finding some other unforeseen problem that needs to be addressed.

Expected Answer

The qualified roofer should anticipate potential problems and come up with solutions before they even start work on your home. They should also have a plan for dealing with any unanticipated issues during the project. In addition, they should also offer comprehensive insurance coverage to help cover the costs of addressing them.

Red Flag

Any roofer who does not address these potential issues or lacks proper insurance coverage is not someone you want working on your home – look for another reputable contractor instead.

Question #6: Do You Offer Written Estimates?

With any project, you want to know exactly how much the work will cost before it begins – and that’s where written estimates come in.

Expected Answer

A qualified roofer should provide you with a detailed estimate of the costs, including any potential additional fees if problems arise during the job. Be wary of contractors who don’t offer a written estimate or try to charge extra.

Red Flag

If a roofer tries to push through payment without giving you a written estimate first, they are not someone you want to work on your home. Ensure you get an official estimate from them in writing before you agree to anything.

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Finding a professional roofer for your home requires asking the right questions and being aware of potential red flags. With due diligence and research, you can ensure your home is in good hands with a qualified, experienced contractor. By asking these key questions and doing your research, you’ll be able to find a professional who will provide quality workmanship and peace of mind for years to come.


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