6 Reasons To Add A Bathroom Vanity In Your Next Remodel

6 Reasons To Add A Bathroom Vanity In Your Next Remodel

Key Takeaways:

  1. Average bathroom renovations can cost around $10,000.
  2. Installing a bathroom vanity is a budget-friendly and stylish remodeling option.
  3. Bathroom vanities provide practical storage, increased counter space, and various sink options.
  4. Full-fledged bathrooms can boost home value, increase storage space, improve functionality, and add comfort.
  5. Other features to consider during a bathroom remodel include updating lighting fixtures, installing towel racks, and replacing bath liners.

Bathroom remodeling can bring about a significant change to the overall look and functionality of your home and increase your property’s value. Experts indicate it as a high ROI project.

A bathroom is more than just a place to freshen up – it’s a place where you can unwind and escape from the daily grind. Forbes reports that the average bathroom remodels cost is around $10,000. A bathroom vanity can serve as a budget-friendly, functional piece of furniture and enhance your bathroom’s overall aesthetic.

Level Up Innovations LLC will discuss the reasons to add a bathroom vanity during your next remodel. From improving storage space to creating a focal point in the room, let’s explore the benefits of incorporating a vanity into your next renovation project.

6 Top Reasons for Installing New Bathroom Vanity

1. Budget-Friendly Remodeling Option

Suppose you are planning on a remodeling project with a tight budget. Most often, remodeling may cost more than what you intended. But in the case of vanities, you can get them installed at affordable pricing. Vanities come in a wide range of prices, varying from $500 to luxurious ones that cost up to $2800. So, installing a new vanity is the best option if you want a budget-friendly way to spruce up the bathroom.

2. Unparalleled Style and Appearance

You can easily customize bathroom vanities according to personal choice. Various options are available in terms of styles, designs, and materials that can bring out the beauty of your bathroom.

From contemporary freestanding vanities to classic wall-mounted ones, an array of options can suit any interior design style. So, you can get creative and explore different bathroom vanities to give your home a new look and feel. Consult with a professional remodeler to design a vanity that suits your style.

3. Practical Storage Option

A bathroom vanity can provide a practical storage solution. You can choose one with plenty of drawers or shelves to store various items such as towels, toiletries, and other necessities. It will eliminate the clutter in the bathroom while making it look neat and organized.

4. Increased Counter Space

Due to its versatile design, most vanities come with marble, quartz, stone, or granite countertops for increased workspace. So, you can have enough space for grooming products and storing essential items like shampoo bottles, soap dishes, etc.

5. Variety of Sink Options

When selecting a bathroom vanity, you can choose from an array of sink styles, like integrated sinks and drop-in bowl types. Various materials are available for the sink, such as ceramic, porcelain, stainless steel, marble, or granite, to give your bathroom that unique style.

6. Quick and Easy Installation

Bathroom vanities come in pre-assembled packages, making installation easy even if you’re not a professional remodeler. However, hiring a professional remodeler who can install the vanity seamlessly with their expertise is best.

Why Consider Bathroom Remodeling?

Now that you know the benefits of installing a bathroom vanity, why should you consider doing a full-fledged bathroom remodel?

1. Boost Home Value

If you’re looking to increase the value of your home before selling it, then a bathroom remodels is one of the best investments you can make. High-end bathtubs, showers, and vanities can instantly boost the resale price of your home.

2. Increase Storage Space

Bathroom renovations present tremendous opportunities to add extra storage space in your washroom with features like wall units, shelves, and cabinets that help keep everything organized without cluttering countertops.

3. Improve Functionality

You’ll likely use your bathroom for many more years, so why not make it as functional and comfortable as possible? Adding features such as a vanity with plenty of storage space or a walk-in shower will add to the convenience of your washroom.

4. Boost Comfort

A great way to add comfort to your bathroom is by installing heated floors or replacing old fixtures with newer ones that provide a warm and relaxing environment.


Other Bathroom Features That You Should Include in a Bathroom Remodel

1. Update Lighting Fixtures

Improving the lighting in your bathroom can make a huge difference. Replacing old light fixtures with modern ones that provide good illumination and ventilation will bring more life to your washroom.

2. Install Towel Racks

Make sure to install towel racks near the shower or tub to access them while bathing quickly. It will enhance the bathroom’s look and add convenience while bathing or showering.

3. Replace Bath Liners

Replacing your worn-out bath liners and tiles is an excellent option if you’re looking to give your bathroom an instant makeover. Choose from materials like ceramic, stone, marble, etc., and replace them with something new.

4. Upgrade Fixtures and Faucets

Fixtures like faucets can be easily replaced with more modern ones that match the overall style of your bathroom. For an added touch of sophistication, you can install rain shower heads or hand-held showers too!

5. Add Mirrors

Mirrors are essential in bathrooms, as they help create an illusion of space and make your bathroom look bigger than it is. You can also choose from various shapes, sizes, and frames to suit the overall design of your bathroom.

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Bathroom vanities are a great way to update your bathroom. From adding more storage space to creating a luxurious and inviting atmosphere, you can enjoy all the benefits of installing one.

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