Design Basics: Fundamentals Of Designing An Interior Space

Design Basics: Fundamentals Of Designing An Interior Space

Key Takeaways 

  • An ill-planned interior space looks bland and unappealing.
  • Before going to the drawing board to draft an interior renovation plan, you must study the essentials of a well-thought interior design space.
  • Avoiding potential interior design flaws also helps get cohesive results from your interior space.
  • Consider Level Up Innovations LLC for interior renovations in Hollywood, MD, to get the most out of your space.

Although there are limitless ways to design an interior space, there are a few basic concepts that all good designs share. Understanding these fundamentals allows you to create a cohesive and stylish space, regardless of your budget or taste. This article walks you through interior design basics, from color theory to furniture arrangement. So whether you’re just starting your design journey or looking for new ideas, keep reading for some helpful tips!

What Are Common Interior Design Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Let’s face it; not everyone’s blessed with a good eye for design. Most of us are pretty clueless about giving our home that elusive “je ne sais quoi” that makes it look Pinterest-worthy. Even if you can put up shelves without making a mess, there’s a good chance you would still make interior design mistakes that will hurt your home’s overall look.

Don’t worry; we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of people’s five most common interior design mistakes so you can avoid them in your home. Read on to discover what they are!

What Are Common Interior Design Mistakes You Need to Avoid

1. Not Hiring a Professional Designer

We get it; hiring a professional designer can be expensive. But trust us when we say that it’s worth every penny. A good designer saves you time, money, and a lot of aggravation by helping you avoid costly mistakes.

2. Not Planning Ahead

If you’re embarking on a renovation project, the worst thing you can do is start tearing the place apart without any plan. Before tearing down walls or ripping up flooring, take the time to figure out what you plan on achieving from your renovation. Once you have a clear project vision, you can start putting together a plan of action and budget accordingly. Attempting to “wing it” only lead to frustration (and an empty wallet).

3. Ignoring Your Lighting

Lighting is an essential element! Good lighting transforms a space, making it feel warm and inviting or cold and impersonal. When planning your lighting design, think about how you’ll use each room and the atmosphere you want to create. Different light fixtures can create entirely different feels, so choose wisely!

4. Skimping On Storage

We’ve all been there—you buy a piece of furniture only to get it home and realize there’s nowhere to put it because you don’t have enough storage space. Don’t let this happen to you! When designing your home, include viable storage options to keep your space tidy and chic. Shelving units, baskets, and hooks are great ways to add extra storage without sacrificing style.

5. Going Overboard with Trends

It’s tempting to want to keep up with the latest design trends, but beware—what’s hot today will be passé tomorrow. If you go overboard with trends in your home, you’ll have to renovate again in just a few years when those trends go out of style! Instead of filling your home with trendy items that will quickly become dated, focus on timeless pieces that can stand the test of time (without breaking the bank).

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5 Fundamentals of Interior Design That You Need to Know

Here are five fundamentals of interior design that all homeowners must know!

  • Harmony

Harmony is all about creating a sense of unity within a space. This can be achieved by using colors, textures, and patterns that complement each other. For example, if you’re drawn to bold colors, you might want to use them sparingly not to overwhelm the space. Instead, you could use them as accents against more neutral tones.

  • Focal Point

Every room needs a focal point where the eye is naturally drawn. This could be a fireplace, a piece of art, or even a large window. Once you’ve identified the focal point of your room, you can then arrange your furniture and décor around it to create a cohesive and balanced look.

  • Rhythm

Rhythm is created by repeating some aspects throughout a space. This could be done with color, texture, shape, or light. For example, if you have several small photos you’d like to display, you could group them and hang them at eye level to create visual interest and rhythm.

  • Scale

Scaling is all about proportion. This means that the size of your furniture should be in proportion with your room’s dimensions. For instance, if you have a small living room, you shouldn’t try to squeeze in a large sofa—it will make the space feel cramped and cluttered. Instead, opt for smaller-scale furniture that will fit comfortably in the space and leave plenty of room for movement.

  • Balance

Balance refers to the distribution of visual weight within a space. You need to be aware of two types of balance: symmetrical and asymmetrical. Symmetrical balance is when elements are evenly distributed on either side of an axis—think of mirrors hung on either side of a fireplace. Asymmetrical balance is when elements are not evenly distributed but still create visual harmony—think of a coffee table with a stack of books on one side and a vase on the other.

If your goal is to create a sense of harmony and flow in your home, then you need to know these five fundamentals of interior design! Keep these concepts in mind during your renovation or redecoration process. You’re sure to have a space that looks and feels astonishingly cohesive—just like something straight out of an interior design magazine!

Whether you’re looking to renovate a single room or an entire home, Level Up Innovations LLC has the products and expertise you need to achieve beautiful, functional interior spaces. We take pride in our attention to detail and use only the highest quality materials and products for all interior renovation projects in Hollywood, MD. Contact us today for a free estimate – we can’t wait to help you create your dream home!

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