How To Identify And Fix Roof Hail Damage After A Storm

How To Identify And Fix Roof Hail Damage After A Storm

Hailstorms can be lethal as they leave behind severe damage to your home and your roof. If you live in a region prone to hailstorms, it’s essential to know how to identify and fix roof hail damage. We bring you a quick guide from the experts at Level Up Innovations LLC, a reputable roofing company in Mechanicsville, Maryland.

1. Examine the Damage From Below

Climbing your roof without professional assistance can be dangerous. We do not recommend putting yourself through any danger, so it’s better if you assess the damage from ground level and look for the signs mentioned in this blog.

2. Downspouts at a Height

If you notice that your downspouts are at a higher level than they used to be, it indicates hail damage on your roof. The hailstones hit the surface of your roof with such force that they can drive the metal up, which you see when you look at your downspouts.

3. Dents in Gutters

Hailstones can also damage your gutters. If you see that your gutters have dents, it is a sign that hailstones hit them. If these dents are slightly more profound, they could mean that holes or gaps have occurred on your roof surface. You may have guessed that this could lead to a leaking roof, so you must consider hiring a roofing company in Mechanicsville to deal with the issue.

4. Dents on the Mailbox

Since this is all about examining the damage from below, you can check your mailbox if you have doubts that your roof is damaged. You hear it right. Since your mailbox is probably made of materials as sturdy as your roof, you can assess roof hail damage by looking for dents on your mailbox.

5. Marks on Your Car

Don’t get us wrong. You might find hoards of marks on your car, but that’s not what we’re talking about. To assess hail damage to shingles on your roof, you should inspect your car’s roof in case it was parked in the open air. If you find any marks or dents, there’s possibly roof hail damage above.

6. Dings on Garage Door

Inspecting hail damage to shingles can be easier by looking at dings on your garage door. After the hailstorm has passed, check if your garage door has any dents or marks. If it does, call up a trusted roofing company immediately before the damage worsens.

End Note:

Stressing upon our initial point, if there has been a hailstorm in your area, it’s better to steer clear of inspecting roof hail damage yourself and instead call in the experts. A professional roofing company in Mechanicsville, MD, will have the right tools and knowledge to conduct a safe and comprehensive inspection.

Our experts at Level Up Innovations LLC, serving Mechanicsville, MD, are here to help you inspect and repair any hail damage with our top-notch roofing services. We have the perfect experience and know-how to do the job quickly, efficiently, and, most importantly, safely.

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