Top 10 Considerations Before You Invest In Energy-Efficient Windows

Top 10 Considerations Before You Invest In Energy-Efficient Windows

Key Takeaways:

– You make a more significant future investment by making your windows energy efficient.

– A smaller energy bill can help you save money and live more comfortably.

– There are many important considerations to keep in mind before investing in energy-efficient windows, such as cost, durability, energy ratings, and more.

– When looking for a window installation company, it is essential to research and compare different options to find the right one for your needs.

The world is moving towards energy-efficient living, and investing in energy-efficient windows is a good starting point. However, some significant factors must be considered before making such an investment. Here are a few things to keep in mind. Whether you’re looking to save money on your energy bills or reduce your environmental impact, these factors will help you decide which energy-efficient windows are suitable for your home.

At Level Up Innovations LLC, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 considerations before making an energy-efficient window purchase.

1. Multiple Layers of Glazing

Double-glazed windows are more effective insulators than single-glazed windows. This is because they have an extra layer of glass between the two panes, which traps and prevents heat transfer. You can also get triple and quadruple-glazed windows. Still, the additional layers don’t make as big of a difference in milder climates.

2. Edge Spacers

Edge spacers are the materials that hold the two panes of glass together. Traditional edge spacers often contain krypton gas, a highly effective insulator. When choosing the edge spacers for your windows, ask about the gas used and whether it is cost-effective for your climate.

Steer clear of aluminum when selecting your edge spacers; instead, look for thin-walled steel, silicon foam, or butyl rubber. The edge spacer may have failed if you notice your window fogging up.

3. Frame Material

The most common materials in window frames are wood, vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass. Typically, the more energy-efficient the window, the more expensive it is. However, even if your budget only stretches to a less energy-efficient option, you can still be resigned to high energy bills.

Vinyl is gaining popularity as an energy-saving option for residential windows because of its ability to resist the effects of freezing weather and moisture.

4. Reliability and Good Installation

Having a good warranty is key to protecting your investment, as it’s not uncommon for air seal failure to cause expensive problems like fogging and compromised energy efficiency. You can trust a good window installation company to do the job and stand behind its work.

5. Airtightness

Casement and residential awning windows tend to be more airtight than double-hung and other sliding windows. Although this is only sometimes true, and there can’t be a blanket statement that all casement or awning windows are more airtight than sliding windows, it’s still an essential factor to consider. Since your windows are likely the leakiest parts of your home, getting airtight residential windows is vital to maintaining energy efficiency and comfort.

6. Low Conductivity Gas Fill

A denser, lower conductivity gas like Argon between your window panes can save energy costs. Research these options further if you’re interested in being more eco-friendly and saving some cash.

7. Glazing with Low Emissivity

There are two primary ways to create low emissivity (low-E) glass, as Residential Windows: A Guide to New Technologies and Energy Performance explains. These methods are sputtering or pyrolytic processes. Many people in the US say that low-E glazing is one of the best window advancements in three decades. Sixty percent of new windows come with this coating, which becomes energy efficient once installed.

8. Thickness of Airspace

The amount of space between your double-glazed window panes is essential for insulation. If the airspace is too thin (about a quarter inch), it might not be effective. Once the space reaches about 1 inch, convection could occur and lessen efficiency. Generally, a distance between half an inch and 1″ works best for double-glazed windows.

9. Look for ENERGY STAR

Applying for the ENERGY STAR label on your residential windows, doors, and skylights can be a great way to increase the energy efficiency of your home or business. However, specific requirements must be met to qualify, which vary depending on the climate region. You can approach a reputable window installation company to help you determine whether your home will be eligible for the label.


10. Window Properties and NFRC Ratings

NFRC gives a scale of five ratings for window properties. Let’s have a look at what these are: 

  • U-Value: Measures the amount of heat transferred through the window. The lower the number, the better.
  • Solar Heat-Gain Coefficient: The solar heat transfer rate (SHGC) measures how much solar heat moves through the window. A number higher than 0.6 or 60% indicates a high level of SHGC. The appropriate number for you will depend on your climate region.
  • Visible light transmittance: Measures how much light can make it through the window. Measure on a scale of 0 to 1 (1 being the highest.)
  • Air leakage: As you may know, air leakage is the amount of air that escapes through cracks or openings in a building. Sliding residential windows are especially prone to this issue because they have to use seals that allow the window to slide.
  • Condensation resistance: The window’s condensation resistance is scored on a 0-100 scale, with 100 being the best possible score.

Ending Note:

Now that you know the top considerations for investing in energy-efficient windows, it’s time to start shopping at a trusted window installation company. These suggested changes may seem like smaller and minor updates at first. Still, they can add up to save you a significant amount of money over time. So what are you waiting for? Contact your local window installation company today to get started on improving your home’s energy efficiency!

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